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Dull top coat 250ml


Clear natural gloss, modified waterborne aliphatic polyurethane dispersion.


Application Characteristics:

1. Designed for upholstery/car seats topcoats

2. Imparts excellent flow out properties

3. Good flexibility

4. Very natural aspect and handle 

5. Non yellowing


Recommended Usage:

Use as a final coating after colouring. TOP COAT DULL is to be mixed with CROSSLINKER to

maximise performance. Mixture:  comine 1 part of CROSSLINKER to 9 parts of TOP COAT DULL. 

Stir and mix both components well. The combined mixture have a limited pot life and should be used within 4 Hours.

If a "Satin " finish is desired, add TOP COAT GLOSS to the mixture with the appropriate ratio upon the discretion of the applicator.