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Car Hydra ( 500ml )

Car Hydra

A special kind of car shampoo which includes Carnauba Wax Blend.

Car Hydra is a special kind  of car shampoo which includes Carnauba Wax Blend. 

The cleaning ability is effective and when it is dry, the shine is obvious due to the additional wax ingredient. 

This product is able to be diluted with dimineralized water by the following ratio:- 

  1. 1 : 3 - For car wash. Mix 1 part of car hydra with 3 parts of water and ensure all sand and other particle are washed down. Spray Car Hydra onto surface and agitate surface with Coral Glove. Host down the car again with water. 
  1. 1 : 4 - For snow wash. Whatever snow tank one uses or even a foam pressure bottle, the ratio of 1 part of Car Hydra and 4 parts of water is good enough. However the lesser the water the more concentrated the shampoo is. It is also in regards to the cleaning ability. We encourage users to use Coral Glove to agitate surface. 
  1. 1 : 5 - For application of sanding headlights. The reason we use Car Hydra for wet sanding, is to that the foam created is able to capture the dirt, rather than plain water. Dirt could be flickered everywhere and this creates more requires work for tiding up. With the wax content, it allows sanding to be smoother and less harm when Detailer at times applies pressure. 

Complete the car was with Hydra. After drying the car, simply spray Hydra onto the car surface. Hydra is a spray wax which would protect the surface and creates more gloss!