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PUREST Natural Wax 200 g




Hand Made. Plant Based. Solvent Free


A Wax that comprises from 4 different plants available from the nature.

Blended and tested and created without solvent.


Filled into an acrylic glass jar and content of wax is weight in grams.


PUREST, a Wax that is hard but goes a long way when applied to surface.

Curing time is 15 to 20 minutes and remove by a clean heavy towel.


You could also scoop the wax up and place to our Red pad and buff with

a RO or DA machine for quick and more time saving application. 


High Gloss. Great water beading. Do not attract dust.


Pre-treatment with FDC (Fluid Dynamic Carnauba) would further enhance

performance. Multiple application. Long lasting. Coffee caramel smell.


Formulation is to withstand UV from sunlight.