G20 - Glass Polish




Car windscreen was never made in a single piece. It has three layers which is glass and

vinyl then glass again. After a period of use, the Glass becomes oily, with pin holes due to wind

friction and scratches from the wipers and by washing.

G20 is a powder product that has been carefully selected to remove contaminants and scratches.

The content of the pure powder is indicated as 65grams on the label. If you intend to use

the entire content, by all means, mix with de-mineralised water until 200ml.

In simple instruction, to mix the powder to a ration of 1:3 with de-mineralised water.

However, it depends on how slurry you would like the mixture to be. Mix with less water as you would desire

the mixture to be.


Please take note that if the windscreen has pin holes, the powder would fill in during polishing.

After the process of polishing you may see white spots. You can wash the windscreen with shampoo

and the white spots would be cleaned of after several washes as the white spots would be diminished.

The after result would be delightful and you may even experience much better water beading.