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FDC - Carnauba Coating ( 500ml )

Carnauba Coating
Cream Format (500 ml)

Carnauba wax is often in paste format. DK prepared this lovely carnauba in cream texture for a smooth n warm finish. It's absolutely the best for pre-wax application to enhance a deeper and warm

impression on paint surface optically. DK uses the Best Carnauba to manufacture FDC. Quality is not compromised. It's pure and comprises of other materials to achieve ultimate result and user friendliness. FDC is particularly essential for those

intend to apply Glass coating or Silica coating. As a last step before checking surface with IPA. FDC would act as a cleaner from all compound residue and enhancement surface. Apply FDC on the Grey Symphony polishing pad. You can prime or

apply only a couple of tear drops into the pad. Attached pad to either a Rotary or DA on slow speed then escalate gradually to higher speed as FDC dissipates.

Rotary : 1st speed at #1. Gradually increase to max of 2 or 3.

Wipe residue with Saffron towel or Violet towel.

• Please take note the above Rotary machine recommended is Fein WPO14-15E


DA : Start with speed #1 and then to max of #3.

• Any DA machines is possible with same speed.


Stroke Pattern : Polish in a + pattern.

Moving left to right, vice versa n top down , vice versa.


***Please take note that FDC Do Not have any surface covering elements. !