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DK 9 Polymer Coating ( 4ltrs )

Polymer Coating.

A High Grade Polymer in Cream Format.

Application of DK9 can be somehow tricky because it is a High Grade Polymer.

Mechanical method may somehow creates different finish and wiping off with towel

may be a challenge.


Mechanical polishing is to ingrain the Polymer onto paint surface.

Using hand to polish is also possible.


If you are using a Hard pad or Non- Reticulated, polish till it fades. Then get a soft pad

to remove residue by polishing till the residue are diminished. Should there remains some

residue on the surface do not use a towel as yet. Towel cannot completely remove the

Polymer residue easily. Spray some water mist onto towel to wipe away mild residue. This

action do not remove the Polymer desired to be on paint surface.

You would then obtain a great surface.


DK9 with content of High Grade Polymer is very suitable as a Topping before wax or

as a Topping after other coatings.


Please do get in touch with us should you need further information.