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DB Deep Black ( 4ltrs )

Deep Black

DEEP BLACK is made to nourish these parts ( Rubber/Plastic ).

Many cars have outer trims and weather stripes that are made of rubber/plastic. 

Constant exposure to the sun ( UV ) would deteriorate the color and texture of these parts. It becomes less Black Anthracite where most of this trimmings and weather stripes are colored with. Over time, these parts would brittle and the color becomes less intense. 

DEEP BLACK is made to nourish these parts ( Rubber/Plastic ). During application, DEEP BLACK is able to penetrate and repel UV so that these parts remain as original as possible. 

One would notice that after the application of DEEP BLACK, it has a Matt finish reviving back the original color. It can last very long. It is also applicable in the engine cabin. You would love the outcome as it has a glorious Matt finish bringing the original color to life!

It is simple to apply DEEP BLACK.

  • Clean surface with DEEP CLEAN.
  • When dry, spray onto M Brush or a sponge and apply sparingly. 
  • Repeat application if surface is pale. 
  • Please allow time for permeating.

If you are one that is crazy of water beading, then do ask for, BLACK WAX. 

BLACK WAX is in paste format and when applied after DEEP BLACK, it creates a protection and will result in water beading. 

To apply BLACK WAX, just apply some BLACK WAX on a soft foam pad and apply directly onto surface.