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Liquid Sand Matting Compound (250 ml)


Liquid Sand is a marvellous compound.


Make your sanding work with ease. Liquid Sand designed to be safe

and do not leave deep scratches or trails.


It gets right onto the surface and chaff off the imperfections. Repeating

on the same surface is always possible.


Configure Tool - Rotary / DA

Accessories - Fury Wool, Fury Orange, Apricot, Yellow or Blue pads.

Pad density determine the depth in cutting.

Apply 100% IPA onto towel to wipe for checking each time surface

is polished to determine depth. Surface will turn Matt when IPA is used.

From here, you could visibly see the condition of the surface either to

proceed or to stop. Creating a Matt surface, which can be polished to a

glorious gloss with Vision. If necessary with The Next Cut 1.1 to a perfect



Speed - Slow. RO - 1 or 2 , DA - 2 or 3 max Motion - Plus +

• Repeating action on same surface is possible however surface check is necessary.


Benefits: Water Based / Self Diminishing / Estimated = +-800 to 1k Sanding Grit.