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SKIN Wash ( 4ltr )

Leather and Plastic Cleaner
a ph7 Cleaner for Leather seats or Vinyl cleaning.



If you visit as many Detailing websites that offer car care products especially for Leather and Vinyl cleaning, chances are you would find that they will offer you two solutions, each for it’s specific material.

In DK, we don’t make things simple. We create logic.

We would like to treble our profits, and at the same time we need to be logical and creative in being able to manufacture a cleaner for both Leather and Plastic or Vinyl surfaces.

SKIN Wash, is a pH7 cleaner that would not harm any car leather seats or trims. This special product is also made to clean plastic surfaces such as dashboards and vinyl surfaces.

For large areas, spray SKIN Wash onto the surface and use a brush to agitate. To dry the surface, wipe away with a clean white towel to avoid color transfer from the towel to the surface.

After cleaning, it would be advisable to apply SKIN Serum, an antioxidant solution which enhances the surface, making it supple.

As for Plastic and Vinyl, please use SKIN Satin with a sponge to apply and the surface would be enhanced like a Satin finish.