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SKIN Serum ( 500ml )

Leather Antioxidant

Leather is a \'Life\' material.

There basically 3 materials in leather -

- Water - 60-65%
- Protein - 25-30%
- Fats - 5-10%

It\'s similar like a human skin and has a certain thickness (Corium)
All leather has different thickness because it depends on what it
the leather is produced and to be used for. The Corium is packed with collagen and elastin protein fibers.

The thickness of the Corium is important to keep the leather feel
supple and soft. SKIN SERUM has ingredients of antioxidant to
enter the pores and creates airy effects in the Corium to maintain
the suppleness we desire to have.

Keep the SKIN SERUM away, the leather would dry out and the
there would no chance to save it.

How often should one apply the SKIN SERUM ? There is no need
to be paranoid. Apply at least once a month or twice if you live in an
where sunlight exposure is high or air conditioning is switched on