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Deep Clean ( 4ltrs )

Deep Clean ( 4ltrs )
Cleaning Enhancement

There is no struggle now to clean Inner Wheel arch, Engine, carpet or Fabric seats.

Or any area with much dirt or grease.


Deep Clean (DC) can perform effectively.

You can also mix with distilled water to a ratio of 1:3


Deep Clean is a strong alkaline cleaner. It will not harm any material it comes in contact with.

It is effective in removing oil, dirt, dust and it leaves a silky feeling on the surface intended to clean.


Should DC be used to clean paint surface , DO NOT leave DC on the surface far too long for more than 5 minutes.

It will stain the surface, therefore please hose it away soonest possible with clean water.

Other than paint surface, other areas as long there is no paint, there is no concern.


You would be delighted to use DC, as the the effectiveness is fabulous.

Especially to those cleaning Carpet and Fabric, just spray DC on surface then spray water

and agitate surface. Remove dirt by using water extractor machine.