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Glass Polish G20 Powder Format ( 65g )

A safe solution for polishing glass !

Glass Polish G20


Why do we sell in Powder format ?


DK would like their customers to realize that we sell the product 100% Pure

and to have a wholesome experience using it.


No additives, no fillers, no unnecessary substance and unadulterated.



1)    Fill the bottle until the 200ml marking (Ratio 1:3) with demineralized water. The marking is just a guide. If the watermark is extreme, less water would be more effective. It depends on the slurry type  preferred.

2)    Shake well. Please ensure there are no powder form left and that they are mixed well with the water.

3)    Pour mixed liquid onto the Polishing Pad (Red). Please do not use any hard polishing pads, as this will scratch the glass. Engage at slow speed only, on Rotary machine. Please do not use a DA.

4)    Polish until the surface is dry and if necessary, spray mist water onto surface to continue.

5)    Shaking the bottle constantly would have a good mixture.

6)    Rinse with water when finished.



Glass is a porous material. Overtime, stone chips and oxidization would create cavity. Dirt and other contaminants would then set in and clarity becomes distorted.


If you are polishing used-glass (Windscreen), please be warned that the powder would also set into these cavities. You may not notice these cavities because the glass was contaminated. It is possible to remove by washing with pH7 shampoo. However, one must accept that it would not be 100% possible for all cavities to be washed away. Nevertheless, by experience, the whitish powder that covered the cavities would eventually disappear.


It would be common that such problem do not exist with new or newer glass and even if it does, the problem would be minimal.