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DK Next Cut 3.3 ( 500g )

The Next Cut 3.3

The Next Cut 3.3

 Like wise in the selection of the Best Cut in meat (Beef) is a piece that has marbling characteristics and naturally enhanced ! The tenderness, flavor and juiciness.

 The entire range of DK NEXT CUT, consist of the same selection ! A Bona Fide series of compounds. Our choice of creating compounds complies in today’s Detailing fashion.

Self-Diminishing, Defined and Application Friendly.

 It’s a myth to invent a compound to suit all Soft Paint Clear coat. This clear coat has a large catalog of producers with various content and character in the resin produced.

The challenges are different from one clear coat to the other. However, they consist of similar constraint, such as temperature and gloss.

 Next Cut 3.3 have more seconds to tango with the surface. As most compounds when meets the Soft clear Coat would “flake” easily due to temperature. Wiping the surface would seem tedious. The complication is pairing with the Foam Pads. Correct usage of Polishing Pads is also essential.

 White Pads with White/Black velour are possible to use, however, yellow pads are recommended. The speed of the machine according to FEIN is a max of 2500. Such clear coat usually do not permit high revolution on a Rotary. DA machines are also and comfortable to use. Orange Pads too is another option.