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DK FINALE ( 500g )


“… the concluding part of any performance or presentation…”


“… the concluding part of any performance or presentation…”

 A dream that every Detailer yearns for… a Perfect Surface!

We can chat and argue….” ‘till the cow comes home ...” as many people will say on how to obtain a perfect surface.

The “Conclusion” of the surface preparation is determined by your skills and also not forgetting the inspiring compound.

Quoting the Famous Italian Chef, David Oldani…” I try to create a kitchen of harmony that comes in full circle…”,

which reflects every Detailer’s experience in Detailing. 

Truly we need the compound & pads to be in harmony and that is exactly a full circle of our achievement!

When we conclude the circle, we create a surface that not only makes you feel good but we ourselves too.

That is…. FINALE!

Recipe we would suggest:

Best used with DK Red Pad.

For more emotional soft paint, don’t hesitate with the orange or even yellow pad.